hellllo my name is gracia nice to meet yaaaa



Hey Peeps! It has been a very very very long while since I update this blog.
I have been studying in China for this past 2 years, pursuing my Bachelor Degree.
Everything had been fine guys! I was reading my old posts and I was like..... "Damn, I changed a lot!"
Well, I'm not gonna brag for any personal things of me because I am thinking about changing this blog to become the more "public" rather than "personal blog". I hope that I could be more consistent this time, my future posts will be more about Life, Travel, Beauty and Fashion. This blog is going to be a place where I pour my social and fictional hobbies.


x x x x

oh hey there everyone! had been watching two broke girls like always. my life is changing so fast that i don't know when to stop and blink for a while. new friends new roomies new school new course new toilet new bad and a lot more
i've abandoned my blog for a long while. no one really do blogs in here.
anyways i changed my blog header! got it from tumblr and gosh i just love the gift.
kinda feeling xxx right now lol tf did i write.

inspired to post this.



arrived in sabang! and rent a L300 (if you know what i mean) this is an old type of car and it run really slow :))
finally arriving at the hotel. it's called the pade resort. and seriously, the view is extremely beautiful! but unluckily we can't swim there,  because of the strong wind....

theresa and me <3

i really wanna eat this again! :(

idk what resort is this but, i really love the beaaaaaach <3

this is the only photo i had in the beach :( too many people keep calling me to take pics of them hikhik :/ 

we go diving on the 3rd day, i wish i could breathe inside the sea. oh! did you know that mermaid are actually real? :)

i went to the zero point of indonesia after that.
Indian Ocean was just right behind me, and i think that my pic is a bit scary, because there's a cliff behind me. So if i took a few step behind, then i'll fall down and drowned in the sea and lost forever. :)) i feel really really scared when i took this photo.

well, i guess that's all... yea i know..i didn't took a lot of photo :/ 
but its owkaaay, other vacation is waiting and i can't wait it anymore. haha
goodnight anyway! have greaaaat dream <3 


Late update

Hello guys, i know its a late night and i'm going to do a quick late update.
i just came back from jakarta 2 days ago, yes, i went to jakarta again
i didn't went there for vacation actually, i was just helping my mom because she didn't have a driver and she's too afraid to take a taxi everywhere so i went there and bring her everywhere lol.

Oh yes! I passed my test to enter a university in guangzhou. It was an english test, i thought that i won't get through it because my english is a bit fucked up this days, seriously.
But luckily, i passed the test! So, it's a positive that i'm going back to guangzhou in the end of august!
Well, i actually hated it because i can't sleep in my own bedroom anymore. I will be moving into a dorm :/ and it contains of 4 people in a room. Can you even imagine that :( i used to live into a double room dorm. I can't even imagine how can i took a bath in the morning, or maybe when i'm late? how can i put all of my things! especially my guitar :/ i really need to book the double room for next semester because it's fully booked for this semester.

I don't really have a picture to upload. So, i'm gonna go with some random pics from tumblr. enjoy your night! <3

well..true thing.
this is sooooo me! hahahaha

a note to myself

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My Summer Break

hello guys! its summer! finallyyyyyy yeayeayeay
i thought that this season is going to be my fav season but...well i'm wrong.
idk why but its gettin hotter and hotter everywhere!!! :(

i just got home from a trip last few days! i went to jakarta and aceh :) i know that jakarta and aceh is not in a one-track but whatever!
i went to jakarta to visit my old friends and my family there! just fyi, i lived in jakarta in 2012 and i studied there. but just for one year :(

oh! i just realized that i've went to 5 different cities this month! guess how lucky i am hahaha :p

i'm planning to have an english course, seriously, my english is getting worst!!! ah fck mandarin :(
i can't even write freely on blog just because of my bad eng.
i wanted to write in indonesian BUT, my indonesian is even worst hahaha :(

well.. since i can't write a lot let's just post picssss


le girls <3

w/ momsiee

acting hahah

gaya dulu gituh
*sorry for the low quality image*
i went to hongkong in the beginning of June with my mommy and sister
i stayed 3 days in hongkong, and after that, we moved to shenzhen


well...i didn't took alot of pics in shenzhen bcause we didn't went there for vacation.


meet up with my senior high1 friends in jkt! say hi to angelita! 

leo, jn, cindy, me and ate

went to school to met old friends and teachers! hahaha

metting up with dessy at central park!
and endah tooo <3 *missing gz moments*

since i haven't edited the rest of my pics, i'm going to post the rest (aceh & sabang's) on my next post
thankyou for viewing anyway! have a greaaaaat day! :)